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Sister wives furious: Christine revealed David’s annoying habit to the fans

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Christine Brown and David Woolley have been married for less than a year. Sister Wives fans have enjoyed their sizzling chemistry and unbreakable bond since they opened up about their relationship. The stars have been living their best time together since tying the knot. Fans love to see the couple enjoying their honeymoon phase. They have been keeping the audience in the loop about the latest adventures.

But it turns out that the pair have started getting to know each other’s ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ after spending so much time together. Christine always gushed over her husband on social media and in various interviews. However, it turns out that she has something to say about his annoying habits with the fans. Recently, she opened up about dealing with the ‘difficult things’ of her husband.

Sister Wives: Christine Reveals Dealing With This ‘Difficult” Issue With David!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has always been vocal about her marital troubles with Kody. TLC fans have seen her throw shade at her ex-husband after their split. David and Christine have always appeared as the perfect pair in the viewer’s eyes. The couple tied the knot in October 2023 at a private ceremony in front of their family and friends.

Fans loved to watch their sweet life after making it to the altar. But it turns out that Christine has also been dealing with some annoying habits of her new husband. Recently, She took to Instagram to open up about Woolley’s difficult issue. Christine recorded herself while being seated in the driving seat of her car.

Sister Wives

She sported a green t-shirt with minimal makeup to share her thoughts. The celeb began, “Whenever David drives my car, he backs into the garage, just like I like him too.” She continued to reveal that her husband parks the car too close to the wall, which makes it difficult to get out.

Moreover, the Sister Wives star noted, “He’s like, ‘Look at my impressive backing up skills, I’m gonna trap you in,’ and he does every single time.” Fans could easily spot the frustration on Christine’s face while sharing the full story. However, they liked to see how the couple kept the spark alive in the marriage with these small disagreements.

Sister Wives: Christine Shares How Social Media Helped Her Cope With Garrison’s Loss!

Janelle and Christine always treated each other’s kids as their own. They have always been there for each other during their difficult times. Garrison’s loss has shattered the entire Brown family. Christine Brown has also been struggling to move on after her son’s passing. Recently, the Sister Wives star took to Instagram to reveal how she has been trying to keep herself busy to avoid lying on the bed all day.

The TLC star started coping with the loss of Garrison through working. Moreover, she expressed that she had to use social media because most of her work resides on the platform. Christine continued to explain how difficult it has been for the family since the loss of their family member. Further, she encouraged her followers to talk to people and listen to them to help with their mental health issues.


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