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SISTER WIVES: Janelle Brown SLAMS Robyn Brown for “Tactics” with Her Kids

In the latest developments on “Sister Wives,” tensions have flared as Janelle Brown openly criticizes Robyn Brown for what she describes as manipulative “tactics” involving her children. The conflict adds another layer of drama to the already complex dynamics within the Brown family, captivating viewers with its intensity.

The Accusations

Janelle Brown, one of Kody Brown’s wives, has not held back in expressing her frustrations with Robyn Brown. In recent episodes, Janelle has accused Robyn of employing underhanded tactics to influence and manipulate her children. According to Janelle, Robyn has been interfering in ways that are causing divisions and creating unnecessary tension within the family.

Janelle claims that Robyn’s actions are driven by a desire to strengthen her own position within the family hierarchy, often at the expense of others. This accusation has led to heated confrontations and a palpable sense of discord among the sister wives.

Robyn’s Defense

Robyn Brown, who has often been seen as Kody’s favorite, has denied Janelle’s allegations. She insists that her intentions towards Janelle’s children are genuine and rooted in concern for their well-being. Robyn argues that she has always tried to be a supportive figure and that any perceived manipulation is a misunderstanding.

In her defense, Robyn points out that she has a close relationship with many of the children and has acted out of love and care. She believes that the accusations are unfounded and are a result of miscommunication and existing tensions within the family.

Impact on the Family

The fallout from this conflict has had a significant impact on the Brown family. The children, who are already navigating the complexities of their unique family structure, are now caught in the crossfire of this new dispute. Some of Janelle’s children have expressed their own frustrations, feeling torn between their mother and Robyn.

The other sister wives, Meri and Christine, have also been affected by the conflict. Christine, who has had her own issues with Robyn in the past, appears to side with Janelle, while Meri seems to be trying to remain neutral, attempting to mediate peace within the family.

Fans’ Reactions

The drama has sparked a wave of reactions from fans of “Sister Wives.” Social media is abuzz with discussions, with many fans taking sides. Some viewers sympathize with Janelle, believing that Robyn’s actions have crossed a line, while others defend Robyn, suggesting that Janelle’s accusations might be exaggerated.

The debate among fans highlights the divisive nature of the issue, reflecting the complexities of the relationships within the Brown family. The hashtag #TeamJanelle vs. #TeamRobyn has emerged, with fans eagerly awaiting each new episode to see how the situation unfolds.

What’s Next?

As “Sister Wives” continues its current season, the conflict between Janelle and Robyn is expected to be a central storyline. Viewers can anticipate more confrontations, emotional discussions, and attempts at resolution. The show promises to delve deeper into the reasons behind the accusations and the potential paths to reconciliation.


Janelle Brown’s public criticism of Robyn Brown for alleged manipulative tactics with her children has added a new level of drama to “Sister Wives.” The accusations and subsequent fallout have underscored the fragile and intricate relationships within the Brown family. As the season progresses, fans are glued to their screens, eager to see how this intense and emotional storyline will develop. The ongoing conflict serves as a reminder of the challenges inherent in their unconventional family structure, making “Sister Wives” a must-watch for its compelling portrayal of family dynamics.

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