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New Update: One Relationship Begins While Another Ends On General Hospital

Several relationships have been on the rocks on General Hospital (which took home the Emmy for Outstanding Daytime Drama over the weekend), and the June 10, 2024 episode saw one relationship begin while another came to a devastating end.

Fiz Have Fizzled

When Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) walked in on a drunken Finn (Michael Easton) hooking up with a random woman, played by Devon Ogden, she immediately kicked her out before laying into Finn over his recent behavior. Instead of apologizing, Finn accused her of not loving him and abandoning him during this hard time.

He let his emotions fly as he tearfully apologized for his actions, telling her he hates himself and what he’s done to her, but it wasn’t enough when Elizabeth told him they’re done. As Finn begged her to stay, a stonecold Jason (Steve Burton) showed up to take Elizabeth home, leaving Finn alone with his alcohol.

Joy For Jex

On the other side of Port Charles, when Josslyn (Eden McCoy) finished up her first day as a lifeguard at the Metro Court pool, she took Dex (Evan Hofer) up on his dinner offer and they went to a hip new eatery where they ran into Michael (Chad Duell) and Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) on a date.

Despite being invited to join the happy couple, Joss and Dex grabbed their own table and caught each other up on life before Dex thanked her for their breakup, telling her it was what he needed in order to get his head on straight. Joss assured him that she could see herself dating a cop, insinuating that two are back together.

What do you think of Fiz’s breakup and Jex’s make-up? Let us know in the comments.




GH Alum Betty Anne Rees Dead at 81

The actress appeared in quite a few TV series which included GH and The Doctors.

Character actress Betty Anne Rees died on June 3 at the age of 81. The actress had been in a few exploitation films, as well as appearing all around the TV dial on several shows, including General Hospital. A crafty entrepreneur, she battled multiple sclerosis and had a “possible stroke” near the end.

An Eclectic Filmography

Well-known for her roles in the excellent blaxploitation horror film, Sugar Hill (1974), as well as The Unholy Rollers (1972) which was produced by legendary filmmaker, Roger Corman — much like her fellow soap actor Patsy Pease who appeared in Corman’s Space Raiders. Her niece, Kathleen Loucks, told The Hollywood Reporter on June 8 that Rees had received a multiple sclerosis diagnosis early on in the 1990s. More recently, she had fallen several times and had a “possible stroke.”

Although it’s not listed on her IMDb page, the outlet also reported that she had roles on the sudsers GH and The Doctors. Most entertainment sites that reported her death confirmed her portrayals on those daytime dramas, with Newsbreak further explaining that she appeared in “early episodes” of GH. She also gained fame by taking over the part of Steve Douglas’ (Fred MacMurray) secretary on the beloved sitcom, My Three Sons, in its 12th and final season from 1971 to 1972.

Rees had guest-starring appearances on several classic TV shows, including The Mod SquadThe Streets of San Francisco, and Mannix, among several others, with an episode of The Incredible Hulk being her final role. As with many Corman films, The Unholy Rollers was an attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Raquel Welch vehicle Kansas City Bomber (1972), while Sugar Hill was an intense film combining mobsters and voodoo-style zombies that starred Marki Bey.

Rees Was More Than an Actress

She owned Gloria Marshall Figure Salons and was a well-known kitchen designer. She is also said to have invented a goofy ’80s gift for bosses called the ‘Executive Teething Ring.’” She is survived by niece Loucks, her sister Barbara, and a nephew named Brian. She also had two cats that the family is trying to rehome.


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